Wolf 100% Tyvek 5th Wheel RV Cover - All Weather

Brand: Covercraft

Material: Tyvek

SKU: CY41055

$511.11 – $565.10



Keep your 5th Wheel in tip-top shape with our Pro-Series Wolf Ready-Fit Covers. We have sizes to fit most 5th Wheels.

Why Tyvek? Tyvek has been widely used in the cover industry for over 50 years. It is well known to provide superior protection from all environmental conditions. While being light weight and breathable. Whether you’re looking to protect from the sun, rain or snow Tyvek is your answer. All other Tyvek covers on the market only implement Tyvek for the roof to save on cost. Don’t be fooled this is the only 100% Tyvek production cover out there.

Wolf by Covercraft


  • 100% Dupont Tyvek, suited for all weather conditions
  • For the serious RV owner who demands only the best protection
  • Highly UV and wear resistant
  • 100% Breathable so no mold or mildew  
  • Straps and buckle system positioned at front and rear with an elasticized bottom hem to creates a semi-custom fit
  • Integrated wind channels to prevent billowing
  • Rain gutter covers protect from damage caused by extenders
  •  Includes storage bag
  • 3-year warranty

How to Measure Your 5th Wheel RV:

  • How To Measure A 5th Wheel Trailer For A RV Cover
  • Measure your 5th Wheel Trailer from the longest two points to determine proper fit, including bumpers, spare tire, and ladder - but excluding hitch. ADCO Covers are designed to fit all common vehicle heights. However, we recommend double-checking by taking the measurement of the vehicle sidewall height, excluding clearance. The cover is designed to accommodate rooftop accessories so no need to account for A/C's, vents, etc... when checking on height.

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