Game Creek Oak Camouflage Double Axle Tyre Gards

Brand: ADCO

Material: Camouflage

SKU: 3623

$32.00 – $34.00



Save installation time by covering multiple tires at once. These come with rear grommets and are sold one per box. Make your RV tires disappear with our photo-realistic camouflage double axle tire covers. 

Order by tire diameter, adding 1" - 2" to diameter for protruding wheel covers.


  • Protect multiple tires simultaneously
  • Protect your vehicle's tires from blowouts
  • Durable heavy-duty flannel-backed vinyl repels liquid and saves tires from the sun's damaging UV rays and other environmental hazards
  • Overlapping seams, double needle stitching, and reinforced grommets
  • Eliminate premature cracking of sidewalls
  • Color: Game Creek Camouflage
  • 1 cover per box


  • ADCO MPN 3623 - Multi Axle Double 27" to 29"
  • ADCO MPN 3622 - Multi Axle Double 30" to 32"