RV Wheel Covers

RV Wheel Covers, sometimes referred to as Tyre Gards, protect RV tires from premature aging due to environmental exposure. Tires left in storage dry and crack much faster than your everyday car and truck tires and are therefore more likely to suffer on-road blow-outs.  Wheel covers are an easy solution to preserve and protect your RV's tires.

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        Game Creek Oak Camouflage Double Axle Tyre Gards

        Brand: ADCO

        Material: Camouflage

        Save installation time by covering multiple tires at once. These come with rear grommets and are sold one per box. Make your RV tires disappear with our photo-realistic...

        $32.00 – $34.00 Select optionsSelect options

        Game Creek Oak Camouflage Tyre Gards

        Brand: ADCO

        Material: Camouflage

        Keep your RV tires protected from the elements with photo-realistic camouflage that allows your tires to virtually disappear when parked outside and if parked on a storage lot...

        $22.00 – $38.00 Select optionsSelect options