ADCO RV Cover Patch Kit


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It's always frustrating when your RV Cover snags and gets a small hole or tear. No need to rush out and get a new RV cover when that happens. Simply use an RV Cover Patch Kit to fix the problem. 

This RV Cover Patch Kit consists of adhesive patch material designed to match your ADCO RV Cover. The patch fabric is essentially a big sticker and requires no ironing.

We recommend applying the patch fabric on both the inside and outside of the damaged area which only takes a few minutes and helps ensure the hole doesn't get larger and is fully repaired.


  • Simple peel & stick application
  • Adhesive backed fabrics for quick installation
  • Includes 6 self adhesive materials (Each 36" long x 8.25" wide)
  • Easily fixes small tears & punctures
  • Reinforce areas with high wear such as rain gutters
  • Perfect for all ADCO covers past and present except Sunbrella

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