Motorhome Readers Choice 2019

ADCO has been nominated and awarded 6-years running the prestigious MotorHome Readers' Choice Gold Award for RV Cover of the Year. This is always reassuring to know that the RV community consistently recognizes the innovation and quality that ADCO brings and votes ADCO RV Covers the best!

For over 60 years ADCO has been the pioneer in RV Covers for every size and style RV from the giant Class A Motorhomes down to the small Pop-Up trailers. ADCO is grounded in making a superior product both in quality and functionality. 

So how exactly does ADCO win such a prestigious award? Simple MotorHome Magazine runs an annual survey where RV enthusiasts get the chance to nominate and award those that they feel represent the best of the best. While others try to mimic the ADCO design the RV community constantly votes ADCO the best which just shows you can try and take the idea of something but doesn't mean you can match innovation and quality that has been established for 60 years.

What Makes ADCO Universal RV Covers Gold Award Worthy?

  • Superior quality & functionality
  • RV Covers to fit every style & size of RV
  • Zippered entry doors for easy access without having to remove the cover
  • Reinforced corners top & bottom
  • Easy installation & removal of the RV covers
  • Slip-seam strapping system cinches at the top & bottom for a perfectly snug fit
  • Weighted buckles make installation a breeze
  • Some covers even come with Free Tyre Gards

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