100% Waterproof RV Covers

RV Waterproof Covers

While the thought of an RV Cover that blocks out 100% of moisture sounds perfect it really isn't. We partner with ADCO to make the finest RV Covers and know a thing or two about how to protect your RV. A waterproof RV cover will block moisture from the top down, but as moisture and condensation builds up inside the RV cover from humidity and changing weather conditions it will block it from escaping. This means that moisture gets trapped causing rust, mold, and deterioration. 

We still value keeping our RV's as dry as possible and that's where our innovative RV covers come in like our Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed and Designer Series Tyvek. Both of these RV covers are designed to bead water off with a super water-repellent finish. On a heavy downpour, some moisture can still get in and that's why our material is designed to breath allowing moisture to evaporate away. We also use specially placed vent pockets to allow air to circulate without allowing the rain in. 

Don't make the mistake of getting a 100% waterproof RV cover and finding it ruined in the Spring. Go with quality instead and your RV will be road-ready as the weather warms. We recommend Tyvek for northern & southern climates and SFS Aqua Shed for norther climates.

Designer Series Tyvek

Water Repellent RV Covers


SFS Aqua Shed